Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welsh Open Incoming

As the Welsh Open is happening this weekend I find myself staring at my Nyss Hunters and wondering if I should perhaps swap them to Dygmies.  Both have different virtues, though it basically comes down to: which unit causes more problems for my opponent?  So... Nyss Hunters or Dygmies + Champion Hero?

I won't be competing in the Welsh Open, I'm one of the (two) referees so I've been living in the Rules Forums to find any crazy new exceptions of rulings that I need to be aware of before we head south.  I've also got to remember to pack the Monsternomicon Vol. 1 that I promised to Jon Webb (of Boosted Damage).  Wrapping it feels a bit metrosexual however, so I think I'll just stick it in a plastic cover to prevent damage.

The pairings for the first round can be found here.  The list is about two-thirds down the page.

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