Monday, 19 October 2015

Pirates or Ninjas?

My kaizoku samurai is now finished!  I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, though I feel I've missed a few things out - especially now that I've taken the photo and can see ALL the mistakes I've made.  Next up for the Jung Pirates I'm going to work on one of the korusea (the guys with the fishing nets).  Hopefully they will go a lot faster than Minato did, but we'll have to see as work is bonkers at the moment.  What's really next up on the painting table is Hokibo so that I have more options for the Tengu Decension (unless GCT really do send me all the Jung Pirates (I don't think they will, but I asked anyway)).

Jung Pirates - Minato Jung
Speaking of Minato, his card is missing his ranged attack stats: 1/2/3, +1 damage modifier.  This is confirmed by GCT.

It looks like Wave 26 is going to be full of ninjas.  Players who didn't get them with the Rise of the Kage Kickstarter will be very pleased to know they'll be able to get hold of the ninjas soon.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sea Robbery

Fairly behind on the updates, but work has been tremendously busy and I honestly haven't had a chance to play all that much Bushido lately.  I'd like to rectify this, and managed to get a game against Mark Bonatti's Ito Clan last Tuesday with my Tengu Decension, and it's actually quite terrifying playing against Ito when you know exactly what they all do.  I managed to squeeze a win out of nowhere through the ingenious use of the Focus action and an active Ki feat, but I was pretty sure it was in the bag for Mark for most of the game.

Metal Minato has been a joy to paint so far.  I'll work on taking some pictures up once I'm happy with where he's finished - I'm not sure if I'll attempt some tattoos or not, my previous experiences with tattoos have been godawful.  Having inspected my metal Minato against both the plastics and the online picture of the studio model, mine appears to have been badly moulded (sad times) but he's still pretty presentable - a lot of what I thought were model features turned out to be large flash, but it's painted and doesn't look weird, so it's staying.

My original plans for making a docks board have been put on hold and modified towards making a pirate cove for my future Jung Pirates.  This lets me ditch the idea of having fully cobbled/flagstone streets and I can go for something a little rougher for the main board.  My plan is to use the bajillion wooden stirrers I have to build up some wooden docks, with a main loading/unloading area in the middle for zones (or some cover in the case of a 6 idols scenario).  I wouldn't expect LoS to be further than about 8" on this one.  I may even get to use the 2 kilos of random offcuts from my original Bushido board (the swamp board).  My plan is to stop by B&Q for 25mm foam and plywood in the next couple of days.  Pictures will be posted!