Sunday, 15 March 2015

Trial and Error

Looks like it's nose to the grindstone for Bushido over here right now.  I picked up my Bushido UK Masters tickets for the UK Games Expo the other day (along with Jim's tickets) and it looks like it's time to start churning through as many games as possible before the big weekend in Birmingham.

Jim and I did a quick practice game a little while ago, I used a tweaked version of Raynzy's warband, and Jim was trying to get a Waku warband to work.  Neither of us were particularly happy with how our warbands worked out.  Waku is one of those models that is missing just that little something, and I found the lack of sneaky tricks in Raynzy's warband to be not to my liking.  I'll try out some other warbands, but it looks like my Mizuki warband is the one I'll be concentrating on, at least until I see what the next wave of Ito Clan special cards do - there could better be an amazing shisai-based theme.  AHAHAHEHEHOOOHAHA.

I got to play against Adam and his Savage Wave this week at G3, though I do feel bad for pulling out the Mizuki warband to see how hard/easy it was to deal with Rashka.  The oni is psychologically terrifying to see across the table.  You just know he's going to hurt a stupid amount if he ever gets into melee.  However, I should have still brought a more beginner friendly warband along, as no one likes having control tokens on their models, it's a bit of a negative play experience.  Next time we play I'll bring a more direct fighting force methinks, probably something more like a Satoshi warband.

I will say that the majority of my early games were filling with bloody control tokens on my stuff, and I learned how to deal with them pretty quickly.  My main issues with control tokens is what happens when there are lots on a single model, you just lose the model for the whole game at that point, it's not cost efficient to try to remove them.  On the other hand though, certain factions do have the means for removing enemy tokens in great numbers.

The next game I have scheduled is just before I go to Houston for a fortnight, against Martin and his Savage Wave.  I think both of us are wanting to play around with the latest playtest releases.