Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Yes, it's here and it's fairly controversial as these things go.  eGaspy's feat and Side Step have been hit with the nerf bat.  There's some minor wording changes to Eyeless Sight and a few other abilities, and weapon/head locks have been changed (again).  The changes to the weapon/head locks now means that even if you can't attack with a weapon (i.e. I headlocked your Devastator) you can still attempt to break the lock during your combat action.  I'd suggest reading the wording exactly rather than relying on my explanation however, as there's a little more to it.

I tried out the Pygmy Burrowers with my pDoomshaper list and I was distinctly not impressed.  The Nyss Hunters perform much better in that particular list, but it was worth seeing how the Burrowers function.  Having the Burrowers on one side of the board, and my Scouts on the other, my support wanted to be in both places at once.  Also, the Burrowers don't shoot and have problems with high DEF.  Tunneling also gives me a headache when trying to hold scenario zones - the Burrowers aren't on the table half the game, so figuring out how to stop my opponent scoring in a major pain.  Definitely using the Nyss Hunters in that list.

So that's two lists tried and tested, now to figure out what to take for my third list...  Something to deal with the infantry-swarm meat-grinder, or something to bring that extra level of denial: pMadrak or Grim Angus are my choices, I've tested out the pMadrak list before and it certain chews through infantry swarms like no tomorrow, but Grim Angus brings more options to the table I feel.  Unfortunately the shop didn't have a Grim Angus in stock, I'll need to run around like a mad man to find one in the next couple of days.


  1. That's an... impressive nerf on eAsphyxious. First no Soulhunters, and now this. Has he been doing unacceptably well on the US tournament circuit or something?

  2. He's been uncommonly popular and doing well in tournament standings from what I understand. Never really viewed him as particularly difficult to deal with if I'm honest, but then again, I play Trollbloods - they come with a built-in solution to his feat in the form of the KSB.

  3. Hmm. I never manage to get much mileage out of him - I can see that he's good and all the tricks are there, but it's quite easy to deny him souls with competent positioning and that limits his control capacity significantly. The feat was, if I'm honest, godlike, but I saw it as compensation for a 'caster who might not be doing all that much other than 'stay alive, drop clouds' if the opponent can avoid feeding him.