Saturday, 28 February 2015


Yay!  More concept art releases this week, including one of the Tengu!  I'm not sure about whether I'll pick up the Tengu - I'm more interested in the Minimoto Clan - but I do think they'll be a hit with the Bushido player base.  Feast ye eyes on Naigubu the Ancient (an owl tengu apparently):

For the Ito Clan though, I was vaguely surprised it was Yuui getting released.  When I was playtesting her, she would bearmaul everything she touched for some reason.  She's not particularly amazing in combat, she's no Kenzo, but I'd just roll either amazingly well or my opponent would roll really badly.  I do hope this trend continues when she's released.  The minor spoiler I shall provide is that she's an ashigaru.  Rejoice Satoshi warband players.  Oh, and she was Yuui Ito for a while before we all asked why an Ito was an ashigaru, not a samurai.

For non-Ito Clan concept arts, I really like Honoka & Hakushi.  It does make me interested in making an animal themed warband, but maybe a bit further into the future as currently there aren't all that many animals for the Silvermoon (leopard, death chicken, weasel).

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Size Does Matter

No, the blog isn't dead, there just hasn't been anything going on over the Christmas period until a week or so ago in the world of Bushido.  Wave 21 is now available for ordering, and I have already received and assembled my Shimogama Vipers (and their stupidly large wings).  I really thought they'd be roughly the same size as the fire kami miniatures, instead they're almost as large as Yatsumata.  I honestly have no idea how to fit them into my carrying case - I suspect it's time to buy a bigger case.

After the long break, and now that I have the Shimogama Vipers in hand, I can get back into the Bushido groove.  It's been good seeing Adam get more games in and he appears to be enjoying the game.  We just need to kick him into getting some painting done.  Bushido is just one of those games that looks really, really good with nice boards/terrain and fully painted warbands.  I need to dig all my paints out and get the few Ito Clan models I haven't finished done.

Lots of interesting things happening with the current playtest subjects.  I'm making plans to head over to Common Ground Games in mid-April (18th or 19th - my birthday!) and I'll bring all my test stuff for people to play around with - and hopefully provide me with some feedback.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wave 22 Concept Art

Prefecture of Ryu - Takashi Ancestor Spirit
Temple of Ro-Kan - Kyuubi
Cult of Yurei - Yama Uba
Savage Wave - Rinsho
Ito Clan - Yuui
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate - Honoka & Hakushi