Thursday, 29 August 2019

Above the Clouds

I have begun to experiment heavily with the ronin options of Bushido.  Last night I tried out an Imperial March warband using the Sworn Sisters, Koshimori, and a Golden Sentinel.  To round things out I also brought along a playtest profile, and submitted my feedback for him: he needs a fairly hefty nerf and he's still amazing.

The Sworn Sisters were very interesting to use.  They bring such a wide array of options whether you're attacking or defending.  Yanjing may look the most threatening, but that's a lie.  Yizhi is the real danger.  Just when you thought you were fighting one of the Sworn Sisters, Yizhi is there giving out melee assist and activating Co-ordinated Attack.

I got a lot of enjoyment using the Sworn Sisters, but I don't know if Imperial March is the warband I should be catering to.  I'll stick with it for now, as it inspires me to get more painting done.  For alternative options, both the Jung and Prefecture bring something to the table.  I don't feel I'm really losing anything by using them in my Hare clan style warband, and I can field an entirely ronin Jung warband.

It's time to explore that skill ceiling.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Conclave Conclusions

Eldest Brother
Having now done a whole bunch of games with my Conclave of Captains warband, I'm happy with how it performs.  The theme itself may need a more concrete benefit, as I've been finding the bonuses feel invisible.  On the other hand, the warband is really, really solid.

I've tried a wide variety of special cards in the warband, and a 3 rice Kamikaze has given me the best results so far.  It did occur to me not too long ago that I can try out Hiroto with a Hand Cannon.  He would get Assassin off from it...  Or I can help alleviate Eldest Brother's chief problem by giving him a Vial of Raijin's Rage.  If I drop out of Conclave and into Ordered for Battle (since Conclave probably won't be out before the next tournament), I think I'll give Eldest Brother the Vial, and drop the Kamikaze down.

The warband has a really interesting graph of how powerful it is throughout a game.  It is incredibly weak on turn 1, has a large spike on turn 2 as Hiroto and Eldest Brother arrive, and then the power flattens out for the rest of the game.  If I win the Tactical Test on turn 2, my opponent is usually in some serious trouble.  If I don't, then I'm presenting threat saturation so they won't be able to deal with everything.  You could kill Hibiki, but then Hiroto will murder someone in return.

Now I just need to finish painting Hiroto and I'll have my next fully painted warband.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Squid Beagles

Minato and Yuji work really well against ninjas.  You can just give Minato Sixth Sense from Yuji and then throw anchors at offending ninjas.  It's pretty decent against Death & Decay too, but a bit weak against trickier Ki-based warbands.  I'm 50/50 on whether I want to use a Kami of Reflection or a Kami of the Morning Dew.  I think the Kami of the Morning Dew is the better option against what most people bring to the table.  The Grapple Attack (0) and Held spam it does is incredibly disabling to most enemy models.

The first set of cycle cards are going to hit the printers soon, and the Conclave of Captains is an interesting theme I'm going to try out.  It's very Risen Sun.

Conclave of Captains
Jung Hibiki
Jung Minato
Itsiro Crab Swarm

Kami of the Morning Dew
Shiho Hiroto
Eldest Brother

Kamikaze (3 rice)
Rice Bail Barricade

Minato offers Hiroto nothing, but Hibiki gives the Black Eagle native Sidestep Defence (0).  Minato and Eldest Brother are the big hitters with Hibiki swinging around to lend Minato a hand if things get tough.

Hiroto's big draw is how he uses Flank, bringing along Eldest Brother when he does so.  Flank with Booted is incredibly dangerous to enemy support models, so if I win the Tactical Test, things could get very interesting, very quickly on turn 2.  If I go with Ordered for Battle, then I have the option of swapping around specials a bit to try an optimise how I use Hiroto.

So far my testing of this warband has a couple of issues: it has an incredibly weak turn 1, and it relies heavily on winning the Tactical Test on turn 2.  I tend to lose scenario positioning badly on turn 1, but the arrival of Hiroto and Eldest Brother from the sidelines throws my opponent into disarray at the start of turn 2.

The weak turn 1 is why I decided to bring the Kami of the Morning Dew and the Itsiro Crab Swarm, as they can usually take a turn 1 attack from the opponent.  Hibiki brings Parley so he's usually good to go on turn 1.  Minato and the Kohanin are quite vulnerable however, so I need to take measures to keep them safe.  I've been thinking of bringing Squall to counteract ranged attacks, but that would be defensive.  A 3 rice Kamikaze is as aggressive as I can reliable get with this warband.  I’ll play about with other specials to see if anything fits better though.