Sunday, 2 September 2018

Testing Base

There appears to be a noticeable increase in the number of testers for Risen Sun, which can only be a good thing.  More feedback is always better at this stage, though some of the feedback is directly opposite my own.

I'm really enjoying painting my Prefecture, which is something I wasn't expecting.  I'm usually not a fan of painting armour, but something about the samurai armour just works for me.  Iiju has some awkwardness going on with how his hands join at the wrist, so I might end up using a plastic version from Rise of the Kage instead if he doesn't come out as well as I'd like.  So far though he's coming along pretty well.  Once he's complete I'll have done all the Hare clan models.

Given that there are more playtesters, there still isn't anyone else testing out the Jung Pirates, so I've been putting my Prefecture aside to test out the Jung.  So far I've found that Queen of the Waves is a very good theme for the Kami of the Morning Dew since you can place it in BtB with a friendly model and reliably get the heal off.  It’s often a bit of a trade off between getting a Heal off or being able to surprise an enemy model.  Next up for testing of Hibiki.  Could be interesting.

With new terrain deployment rules I'm finding that smaller warbands can quite easily function just as well as the larger ones.  This may be a reflection of the test scenario I’ve been using, since it encourages a simple punch up in the middle of the board.  I’ll have to design some new scenarios to help spread out warbands, preferable some that utilise the large based objective.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Rising Tide

The Minimoto Clan have arrived.  I got a starter box game against them using the Hare clan profiles and a future Prefecture Gunso.  The Gunso turned out to be terrible in my warband, but Kioshi was a bit of a star with Prediction.  It was very interesting to see how 'teamworky' the warband felt.  What I did feel I was missing was the Command trait.

The Minimoto don't have any tricks yet, so playing against them is just like playing against fighting Ito or Prefecture.  They're extremely vulnerable to control effects such as Slams, Immobilise, Held, good old Control with a capital C.  They're going to need the snow witches and more blacksmiths before that happens I think.

Overall, I'm super-satisfied with the Hare clan profiles and would be willing to lock them in their current configuration.  What this does mean is that I need to paint faster and order more Prefecture models so I can do testing with other stuff.  I'd like to try out something with Matsu, she's got a lot of story to tell.  I just had an epiphany on how the Hare clan samurai will work.

Testing games have been lined up for the next two weeks, so with the Hare profiles done, it's back to the Jung Pirates and it's time to test out a wider variety of profiles.  I'm going to try out Queen of the Waves one last time, then after that it's all about Minato and Hibiki to see if their themes work.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Passing Time

It turns out pass token Prefecture against Death & Decay Cult is very boring.  Having Critical Strike does tend to win out over Kairai though.  As it is, I really like the Prefecture, and I think I'll get more of it at some point.  I'll get this Hare warband painted up and hopefully try it out against a wider variety of foes, though probably go a bit lighter on the pass tokens.  I do feel like I have an answer for everything as Prefecture at the moment.

I tried out the unusual tactic for the Jung of Flanking with Ryota and Sho in my Queen of the Waves warband.  It didn't work out too well, so I think I'll put that particular tactic on hold for now.  The Kaizoku with Scout worked out nicely, it feels like you can definitely push up towards objectives more aggressively than normal with them starting just that little bit further forward.  I'm still getting used to how the new iteration of Jung Mari works, so I expect my game results to improve quickly if I continue to test her out.

We did discover that Corner Deployment has some issues with Scout, so I think it's going to change quite drastically in the near-future.  That way Scout and some other effects don't simply break the game by accident.

I did a test against the Ito Clan, and holy dice gods they’re terrifying to play against.  They’re across the board almost instantly.  I do like the updated Ayako, but I suspect she’s going to lose some abilities so that she fits on a single card.  She’s good enough to take as a solo shisai.  My Jung really didn’t feel like I had a good answer for Yatsumata appearing across the table from me, but I think everyone’s going to feel like they have this problem.  When you see one of the top end fighting models across from you, it’s going  to feel intimidating.

Prefecture probably has the best universal answer to these problems: a lucky SL0 Critical Strike solves most problems.  I do find it funny that a SL0 Critical Strike is scarier than a SL4 damage roll.