Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Zap Zap Pow!

Spoilers for the Cygnar Storm Strider have appeared on the Cygnar forums!  It's really quite good in my opinion, particularly in a storm army as it can run around hosing things with lightning left, right and centre.  I'd be tempted to take one or two with pNemo and the Thunderhead to see how much lightning spam I could fling around before being shot to death by MHSF+UA during Ravyn's feat turn.

Still no sign of the PG order, nor can I log into the PG section of Privateer Press' website to see if my points have been deducted.  I remain a sad panda.  I suppose I could show up on the Friday night with my bajillion PG points and spend them right there and then if Mike allows it (and has his laptop on hand).  However, I'd miss out on the pre-tournament chat and banter that usually goes on at the Duck as I assembled all my toy soldiers.  I wish the US Quartermaster would update the order forms too, being able to pre-order Wrath would be awesomesauce - though I wouldn't be able to read it on the way back as I'd be the one driving.

My PG points have been deducted, I am a happy panda now.  Models should be arriving at some point  between Friday and next Tuesday.  Woot!

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