Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Like a Remora

Well, that was a short-lived job.  I had a job for about half a week doing what essentially boils down to door-to-door sales.  It's not particularly hard, but it does feel incredibly impolite to bother people in their homes when they haven't requested it or it isn't an emergency.  At least I picked up some free training in sales techniques and suspicious corporate infrastructures (multi-layered marketing... hmmm).  Also, one of the head guys in the office seems particularly interested in Warmachine and Hordes, so I dropped off my MKi copies of Prime Remix and Primal at the same time I informed them I was quitting (though, the position is technically self-employed, I'm not sure I can quit, nor that they can fire me).  Either way, he seemed like a pleasant enough person, I hope he turns up at the gaming club to get into the game.

In tournament news, don't forget the tournament in Perth this weekend.  It's a 25 point one, with all the usual bells and whistles.  I'm thinking I might make the trip up to Dundee to visit Hannah while I'm vaguely in that part of Scotland.

Lists for the UK Masters are due in at the end of next week, if you don't send your lists in, then you're liable to be delayed in your first game with the Press Gangers having to check your lists and assign you an opponent - after all, same faction match-ups suck.  Don't be a remora, get the lists in early.

Speaking of the UK Masters, I'm still twiddling my thumbs waiting for my PG order to arrive, but at least Mike W knows I have an order now - as confirmed on the PG forums.  If it's not here by this weekend however, I'm going to ditch my ticket and go head referee instead.  Maybe I can have a throw-down against Vish, I hear he's the business.  If I do withdraw from the tournament (booooo) then I'll have to flog the ticket to some other UK Masters hopeful, luckily I have these new-fangled sales skills...

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  1. I'm interested in the ticket if you end up selling it. Figure I might as well since it's so close to me.