Monday, 29 September 2008

Still Living

Much to my chagrin I've moved into my sister's house in Glasgow since my attempts to move back to Aberdeen have been thwarted by the student season and the lack of decent flats - don't get me wrong, Aberdeen is a dump, but all my really old friends are there. The good news is that I've discovered the local Press Ganger and I now know where to go get HordeMachine games and possibly a new RPG group. If the gaming group is made of awesomesauce I may just move back out of my sister's place and stay in Glasgow, we'll wait and see.

There are several benefits to living at my sister's: I don't have to pay rent, I only have to pay a small share of utilities and food bills. The downsides are: Anna eats all my chocolate digestive biscuits, the house is FREEZING, I can't say 'no, I'm busy' for babysitting. Hopefully I'll be back out of here before or just after Christmas.

Once I've unpacked enough of my stuff I can upload the much delayed gun mage utility powers, bringing a close to the heroic tier. My efforts to find a NQ16 have also failed, but I'm sure someone in the wargaming group will have one, I shall ask when I make an appearance this weekend.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Things You Find Under the Bed

I'll be going up to Aberdeen this week to go see some flats and my friends; hopefully someone will have a copy of No Quarter 16 I can peruse and start work on the paragon paths for the gun mage. I've been very lazy and not done any gun mage work for a while, but trying to sort out where I'll live next month does take precedence over my recreation.

I found my very old flash drive under my bed today and lo, it has a very early incarnation of my Black Sails adventure path. It's missing the notes for the last adventure but the first three should be easy to piece together again and then I can make a very shiny 4e IK adventure for other people to play.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Flat Hunting

Who'd have thought finding a place to rent in Aberdeen would be such a pain in the arse? I've been spending the last week or so living on flat-sharing websites such as Gumtree and had a big whopping zero replies to anything I've sent off. I think replying to these adverts by e-mail or text message is a total failure, I'll just have to stock up on lots of phone credit and phone the people instead.

Friday, 5 September 2008


I've just downloaded this new Chrome browser from Google and am attempting to give it a whirl. So far it seems very... open, it seems to give a much larger viewing window than Mozilla. There's a few things I need to tweak so that I can see all my bookmarks and the like, but I'm sure I'll get that covered shortly.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Adventure

I've just bought and read through Legends, which I'm slightly disappointed in, possibly because I read through almost all the spoilers on the forums so wasn't surprised by anything. I'm fairly disappointed with the Voyle/Stryker conflict, it reeks of crude plothole. It would have been much more interesting to keep Stryker a total bastard instead of going through the entire redemption cycle, which on the whole is terribly predictable. Legends does have a lot of very interesting miniatures however, I'm planning to get hold of the Withershadow Combine and the Black 13th Gun Mages to use in my 4e game if I ever get enough miniatures painted.

Aside from all that Warmachine goodness I've been toying with the idea of writing an adventure for 4e IK. Losing all my Black Sails work with my old hard drive's death was gutting, I poured a lot of time and effort into those adventures. I think the next adventure I write will be set in Corvis. Black Sails was set almost entirely in Five Fingers, with a trip to the Bay of Stone and then a finale just off the Ordic coast against a satyxis sea witch aboard her blackship; that's been my Five Fingers fix.

I've been digging up the Witchfire Trilogy lately, so Corvis holds a great deal of interest for me. The Thornwood is also a handy place for setting adventures, since it has many layers of past eras in it - the mysterious kingdom of Morrdh, the Orgoth, a mix of Khadoran and Cygnaran outposts. I just need a good world shaking plot and a way to tie the various elements together. I'm sure I'll come up with something once I finish gathering all my notes.