Wednesday, 20 August 2014

No Internet

Hey guys, just letting everyone know there will be no updates until the 10th of September as I have no internet at my new flat until then. I am currently writing a series of blog posts that will cover basic strategies from constructing you warband in a coherent fashion to how you should position models around objectives.  Until then though, I'm incognito!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wakka Wakka Wakka

I'm in the process of moving flats right now, so there might be a dead period as I transfer my worldly possessions to my new flat.  At last I have a place of my very own, with no flatmates to steal my precious, precious bandwidth.  Ahhhh, the luxury!

Tried out a very different sort of list than the ones I usually play, this time centred around having 2 scary fighters and all the better ashigaru I could cram into a list:

Ito Kenzo
Temple Bushi x2

I would have liked Chiyo in the list for some added mobility and being able to aggressively attack the enemy support models behind the front line, but I just didn't have the points to spare.

The more I play Yatsumata, the more I like the giant twin-headed snake.  She just rocks up to somewhere worth defending and sits there all game fending off anyone foolish enough to come near - if they don't come deal with her, she just heads further down the board.  The list worked out rather well against Martin's Savage Wave, but he didn't know Yatsumata had light footed and left Waka too far forward on turn one.  Yatsumata just rocketed up the board and ended up pinning down both Zuba and Waka for the entire game while everyone else mopped up bakemono.  I do like winning but I prefer to win because I outplayed my opponent, not because they didn't know my awesome model could walk through those bushes and instantly get into melee.  Hitoshi went on a bit of a rampage, he was responsible for the majority of my kills funnily enough.  Usually he just sits around being useless and failing fear tests.

The strategy of very aggressively pursuing enemy zones and objectives is really working out for me, I do feel this is how the Ito Clan are meant to be played.

Jim's first outing with the Savage Wave was interesting to see, and Mark Watson seems to have gotten a real hold on how the Silvermoon play out.  It was really fascinating to see a Cave Bat with stupidity (5) and when it passed the Ki test, Mark would hammer it with a Bought Loyalty or force a re-roll.  The poor Cave Bat did almost nothing the entire game.  Yusha spent the game being a Silvermoon model, but Tenbatsu (now called "the Big Man") just stomped up the board and mowed down anyone who came remotely close to him. The warband we came up with for Jim uses a very different style of list to the type that Martin does, it's really neat to see the different styles of play within the same faction.

Taisho Tenbatsu
Cave Bat
+Bones of Power
2 random Bakemono of choice

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day Out

A good day of Bushido at Common Ground Games yesterday.  Got to play against Mark Watson's Silvermoon 'Buto-herd' and show John Sinclair's Temple the ropes.  Did a bit more test profile testing, but don't really have more to add than my feedback so far.  I used the test profile(s) in the game against Mark, and didn't in the game against John, and I felt remarkably less active in the second game.  Really looking forward to Wave 20.

Behold Master Akari while we're here:

The first game was quite intimidating.  Fighting a trio of buto is just scary with the sheer amount of health they bring to the board.  It's really a case of staring at them and thinking "how the hell am I going to kill all that stuff?"  The answer is: start with Old Zo.  Then kill everything that isn't a buto.  Finally, work on killing some buto.  The Death-Chicken didn't put up much of a fight, after seeing it maul the Wraith, I was a bit surprised it just keel over and die when I attacked it.  Clearly Kenzo was made of sterner stuff.

The game against John Sinclair was a real eye opener for me, as Shisa and the Grey Pilgrim combined with Ekusa's Aura of Serenity is a giant pain to deal with.  None of my models can attack or use special defences, John had no such problems with his soulless models.  It's certainly a way to get some easy outnumbering going as none of my models can dance around with side step defence anymore.  It is rather subject to bad match ups against certain Cult lists though.  I didn't use any test profiles against John as he's just not as experienced at the game as most of the Glasgow players (we're notoriously hardcore about our game(s) of choice).  Unfortunately for John I opted for an early scenario rush style of list, and we were playing Ryodo.  So I just rushed into the middle zone, pretty much ignored my own zone apart from a couple of token defenders, and then threw as many of my mobile models into his zone as possible.  Then it was just a case of maintaining a scenario point lead until the Temple models eventually collapsed from poison.

Round One: FIGHT!
There were some entertaining games had by the other people there, Martin's Savage Wave against Dave's Prefecture was hilarious, with Martin having a very secure 3-0 win magically turning into a 1-1 draw.  Dave's ashigaru list is interesting to see, it has no samurai at all.  I couldn't tell you how Jim's games went, most of mine lasted longer.

John Sinclair had a much cooler way of making tokens than what I've been using - the condition tokens I had made are just really big, I'd rather have something a little more compact.  John used white 16mm tiddly-winks and custom printed circular sticky labels, and they look much better.  So I'm going to order some tiddly-winks and see how printing my own sticky labels works out.  I'm probably going to keep my tired/exhausted base rims however, you can see one on the Wraith in the picture above.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Eight is the Magic Number

I should really include more pictures in the blog.

Speaking of pictures, time to show my two Bushido boards (both of which need some repair work...) and the terrain I've been making.  I have a lot more terrain, but a good chunk of it is for a Warmachine/Hordes table, and thus completely unsuitable for Bushido simply because of the size of it.  A 4" forest in WM/H isn't anything to write home about, in Bushido it's a major obstacle.  BEHOLD!

Swamp Board with the majority of new terrain
Temple Board without any terrain.  I left it on the car roof once

No games of Bushido for me this last week I'm afraid.  Too bad, so sad.  Still waiting on the gigantic order of the Savage Wave and Wave 19 stuff to arrive - it's going to be exciting stuff.  Whilst I was previously very keen on Satsuki and the possibilities of running more shisai, this has fallen to the wayside a bit as the current test profile(s) are really exciting for the Ito Clan.  I'm finding it really hard not to put them in every list I'm going to use.  Or write massive spoilers about them.  Wave 20 is looking very sexy for everyone so far.

There was a really exciting game a couple of weeks ago now between Jim's Cult and Mark's Silvermoon the other week.  I have a newfound respect for Old Zo and his Tax - and yes, we make a lot of jokes about Tax as we're self-employed (and thus pay almost no tax in real-life) - as it's a very powerful counter to the kami models of the Cult.  They usually boost their melee/movement for 1 Ki, and can often gain it back in a melee exchange.  With Tax active however, they really hurt themselves to do this.  We got to see the d├ębut of the Death Chicken (Okete-san), which killed the Wraith.  No joke.  Talk about a return on the rice investment.  Mark has also embraced my mantra of "your opponent needs success level 8 to have a chance of one-shotting a buto or oni" so will usually roll attack dice even if his buto is down to a single dice.  And it's really brutal.  We got to see Mo Ises (Mo Eee-say?) hit Tautola for 7 damage from a single attack, only to get utterly smashed by the buto's return attack.  So yes, Tautola was hurt, but Mo Ises was just plain dead.  This is how I envision oni should be played.