Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tournament: 350 Points

Date: Sunday, 23rd August 2009
Online sign-up: Warmachine UK forums
Location: same as G3
Woodside Hall
36 Glenfarg Street
G20 7QE


This will be Thomas Roland's first tournament as a Press Ganger and hopefully it all goes smoothly. I won't be competing but I'll be helping run the event, taking care of rules queries and trying to explain how Swiss tournaments work.

Not sure what else I can write about this just now. I'm sure I'll think of something witty and interesting to write at 4 am, so check back then.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Chop Chop Panda

I spy with my very slightly slanted eyes a full unit of plastic Trollkin! This is joyous news as it brings the Trollbloods average price right down for our basic units. I am a Happy Panda; now to wait for the box of plastic Kriel Warriors...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Conflagration 2010: Making Plans

The Glasgow University Gaming Society runs a small convention every year in February - Conflagration. While it has primarily been a RPG based event, Conflagration has hosted a Warmachine and Hordes tournament over the previous years. Though still 7 months away, by making plans for it now hopefully I'll be able to entice more players from further afield to attend.

Things I'll have to make arrangements for include:
1.) Will there be a BBQ?
February in Glasgow makes this unlikely but we can still hope.
2.) Prize Support.
What sort of prizes are we going to have and where will they come from? I'm sure we can arrange for the traditional Steamroller prize pack, but I'd like some additional prizes - and I'm sure our Press Ganger (Thomas Rolland) would too. It would be nice to have some sort of Conflagration specific trophy the winner can take home. Sorted out where to get the trophy made.
3.) How many attendees and will we require more space?
The large hall on the ground floor of the QMU would provide *easily* enough space if this becomes an issue, I'd just have to speak to some actual GUGS people to see if it's possible to use it. Will the equipment stored at GUGS be enough to cope with the turnout for WM/H? Perhaps we may have to raid G3 or something...
4.) Entry fees.
I'll need to speak to the GUGS related people about this. Entry fees in previous years have been £2 for the day, £5 for the weekend and an additional £3 for entry into the WM/H tournament.

How do I market this? Well, with the proliferation of podcasts - specifically the two UK based ones - broadcasting this event to other WM/H clubs should be relatively simple. Once the university term has started again getting information from GUGS and the QMU should be a much easier task to accomplish.

Please go here and leave some feedback on which type of trophy people prefer. I can't get the Poll gadget here to work for some reason. Stupid Coven.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

For Luls

Check this out. Here is DC's post too. Really? I mean... REALLY?

Stupid Coven.

Baby Eating for Beginners

Jim, I am going to cannibalise your children, should you ever have any. If you do, I will eat them.

Another game against Jim (I need to play other people, and soon!) tonight and for once I had a Plan. Ashlynn vs the Witch Coven in a 35 point MKii game. I had Jim on the ropes, I was going to chase down the stupid Coven next turn with my 16" run (or 11" charge) and END THEM, but no, even with Ashlynn hiding behind a hedge Jim rolls a 16 to hit (crit) and then a 17 for damage. Great, now my warcaster is suffering Shadow Bind and has 3 damage boxes left. Woot. What's that? You crit a second time and rolled a bejebus amount of damage again? Really? Well DAMN YOU, and your (e)poxy dice (heheh, I'm such a geek). Stupid Coven.

It was actually a really enjoyable game, the hard part was getting past the Deathjack since Jim kept it fairly far back for most of the game so that I wouldn't crush it utterly. I did have a turn of pounding it but that failed miserably with my damage rolls. Once past the Deathjack and having killed all his Bile Thralls I'd managed to get Ashlynn into his back line and could certainly chase down the Coven over a couple of turns. The Deathjack was just going to suffer Black Oil after Black Oil from Gorman every turn so it was out for the count. Next time Jim, next time! Stupid Coven.

Epic Doomshaper is now once again presentable, though he does have 8 layers of varnish on him. I'm known for 'baking' my satin varnish from Games Workshop to produce a very flat matt. Unfortunately the GW Purity Seal sometimes clouds up and makes me a sad panda. In the end I gave up trying to make all the fancy varnishes go matt and whacked on a layer of Purity Seal and baked that. Now eDoomy looks fine, though I am a bit miffed at all the effort I went through to find a superior technique to varnish my miniatures. At least he's well and truly protected from chipping and damage. As I said before, he's only ever going to get chipped if someone has a go at him with a hammer and chisel. Personally I'm surprised people can still see him under all that varnish.

Stupid Coven.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Oh Mittens, Where for Art Thou?

Clearly the Mittens solo was not enough, we required more than Mittens and in greater numbers! Privateer Press has released pictures of an entire unit of Mittens, for which we are undoubtedly grateful. Woo. I've also just noticed that Mittens & friends are all bald; unlucky.

For those of us in the UK: Maelstrom games are currently offering a 17% discount from the RRP of all their products if you the magical Summer madness voucher code. The code is SUMMER-MADNESS, cunning foxes that they are at Maelstrom. This offer expires on the 27th of July so get your discounted goods quickly.

I've had a bit of a saga getting eDoomy varnished and sealed. Trying to follow in the footsteps of Ghool I used paint-on satin varnish and then apply some paint-on matt varnish. The brands I used were Windsor & Newton, specifically from their Galleria line of art products. I have to say the 'matt varnish' is really glossy, the satin varnish may as well have been full gloss. At least eDoomy is sealed *really* well now; if he chips now it's because someone took a chisel and hammer to him.

To dull down the gloss effect I hit eDoomy with a couple of doses from Marabu's Mattlack (matt varnish in some strange foreign language... damn those foreigners and their dirty foreign languages). This stuff comes in a very small can but it seems to have sucked some of the gloss off eDoomy, though there's a couple of places were the gloss effect just will not seem to go away from. Bit of a conundrum. The Xjel is vexed.

Edit: Ok, apparently I have to shake the paint-on varnish to get the matt particles to float to the top. I shall now go beat my head against a desk for 20 minutes to atone for my moron-ness.
Update: I've reapplied the paint-on matt varnish and now eDoomy is looking a lot better. The picture above is after one coat of the shaken matt varnish. I think I'm going to apply one more to help tone the gloss down.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Beginning the Sunshine Kriel

I know someone's already taken the name of the Golden Horde for their Trollbloods so I'll have to sit down and come up with something of my own. Epic Doomshaper is now finished for all intents and purposes, there's a couple of touch-ups that need to be done now that I've taken my pictures and can see *every* mistake I made. Nothing inspires doing more work than seeing huge glaring errors (ironically only visible once you zoom in on the model) on your miniature.

Pictar removed! See further posts for updated pictar.

Overall I'm quite pleased with my choice of colours, they all work very well together but still provide much needed contrast and 'visual pop'. The miniature does suffer Privateer's need to give the model every single possible item the character in question will ever carry at one time. The bajillion scrolls on eDoomy's back were a total pain and I'm not happy with how the long brass one turned out. I'll have to go back and see what I can do with it.

Privateer Press continue to release pictures of Retribution models. This time it's Ravyn, Eternal Light. That white thing on her face is her hair, not a bandage as many people initially thought. She'd also look much better as a blonde, I'm not sure why but I'm almost 100% sure of this.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

XTREMEly Tired

A giant has appeared among us. It is indeed gigantic, being at least as big as the Behemoth. I do wonder if we'll be able to get it here in the UK, or even the rest of the world.

Behold His Grouchiness in almost his full glory. The leather hood needs a little work and then it's just the left arm and the staff. I haven't figured out how I'm going to do the base marking however. With my Trollblood palette heavily into the browns I might just mark the front arc with a very dark brown.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Accursed Yellow

Painting on eDoomshaper is progressing, well, slowly to say the least. I also need to finish those damn Tyranids for Chris, hell I need to start the 'nids. Guess what my plans this week are? Back to eDoomshaper however, I couldn't quite get his thighs to be the same colour as his feet and face, it was infuriating. Until I applied a single coat of wash last night and suddenly everything matches. The amount of blending and different techniques I tried were astounding, and ultimately unsuccessful, and yet a single layer of wash solved it all. ARRRGGGGHHHHH.

I'm experimenting with reds at the moment and the use of purple to shade them. While normally I would highlight red by adding yellow and white (and some times green/blue to bring the shade back to a red) I wanted a deeper and richer red for my Trollblood cloth colour. Which is where the purple comes in. I think I'll have a shifty at Adam's Ali McVey Severius this weekend and see what shades she used on his cloak. Trollblood cloth tends to be a bit more lumpy than Severius' cloak however but it should give me suitable reference material.

Murray, you're such a gimp. Bring the Madrak and the Axer next week. Someone who isn't Murray and reading this should remind him. Constantly. Use of a nightstick is authorised.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Real Retribution Spoilers

For those who are interested or like me, you can't stand not knowing everything, much of the Retribution information from No Quarter 25 has been revealed in this thread. It looks like Dawnlord Vyros - my favourite of the Retribution warcasters - is the Myrmidon warcaster. This pleases me, I like warjack/warbeast casters. I'll reserve judgement until I get the magazine myself, but he's certainly become more tempting.

I think I'm going to delay my special scenario until after Thomas gets back from the States, the availability of models is a slight issue at the moment.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I'm Grinding XP

Whilst browsing this 'interwebs' I've heard of, I came across this very interesting announcement by Privateer Press. No longer will it be relegated to the mysterious depths of the unknown and played in dark corners of the gaming club. Instead we'll see Grind appear as a board game in of itself. It certainly saves us all the time and hassle of constructing a Grind specific board.

Yet more Retribution models have been released on the Privateer Press website, most of them have 360 views in the gallery too. We also have a name for Mittens - Mitten's is actually a House Shyeel Magister. The bad news is that instead of just Eiryss we're going to be facing squads of Mage Hunters. SQUADS. Aren't you jumping for joy?

Played against Jim as usual, he was using eGaspy. I now know that Spectral Legion works on all types of warrior models, not just non-character models. Killing Tartarus right away may not have been my greatest idea...