Sunday, 29 May 2011

Final Hurdle

So... testing out my third list has ground to a halt with the noted absence of Grim Angus... anywhere.  Static Games didn't have the gimp in stock.  On the other hand the PG points for my last 3 tournaments have been approved.  Free Wrath and Constance Blaize here I come!  Or I could get more Trollbloods stuff.  Perhaps it's time for a eMagnus Bad Seeds themed list.  Hello Ambushing Sword Knights!

Having played about with my Mercenaries at the Welsh Open during a bye round I've come to appreciate Orin Midwinter and his infantry clearing potential.  I spent a few turns running around spamming Arc Lightning into the back of my own Renegade and hey presto, Eiryss and lots of the Nyss Hunters were electrocuted.  Score one for the Inquisition.  If only I could duplicate the success in other games...

Back to the Trollbloods however.  I've decided to use the Earthborn Dire Troll and the Pyre Troll instead of the Bouncer and Mauler in pDoomshaper's list.  The primary reason for this is that my Mauler keeps dying and then I have no damage buff.  This makes me a very sad panda.  Also, I become immune to a significant amount of Legion and Protectorate attacks by virtue of being immune to fire.  Much hilarity will ensue I'm sure.

While Borka is certainly fun, I think pMadrak is what I'm after.  He's more proactive about doing horrible, horrible things to my opponent (apply axe to face liberally.  If symptoms persist, apply additional dosage) whereas Borka seems to be about farting about with ludicrously high DEF guys.  Anyone who gets around Iron Flesh tends to get over Borka in a hurry.  I also like the way that pMadrak doesn't give a monkey's uncle about casualties as long as his feat is still up and he has a big conga line of things to kill.  Another cool thing is that I can ignore any of these feeble effects that cause a single point of damage for the most part as the entire army is multi-wound.

Finally, I'd like to run Grim Angus as my last caster - if I can find him anyway.  He's got a nice denial feat, and a gun (well, 2 actually).  My only problem with him at the moment is that I haven't had the time to figure out exactly how he works.  I get the impression I'm supposed to put Return Fire on him most of the time so that I can shoot back at people with my Snare Gun.  Also, Burrowers continue to give me a headache.  Trying to get them to hold zones is a real head-scratcher at times.  I'll just have to use him early on, gub some poor, poor simpleton and then go on my merry way with my other lists.

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