Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Excellent news for the Scottish Bushido players: full-fledged conversion to the game has begun on a serious level.  Unfortunately I'm booked up for a LOT of demo games in the coming weeks, I don't think I'll have any time to play my own games at G3 (the gaming club) until after Christmas.  After that however, I will be able to bask in the warm glow of having an excellent choice of opponents and factions to play against (yet still no Silvermoon...).  All I need to do now is help link up the player base internally so the system becomes self-propagating rather than requiring constant stimulation from myself.

Takeji finally got painted, though his banner is currently just green, I haven't decided if I want to try to put some sort of design on the banner or not.  I was thinking I might even just put 'ichi' on it, and once I get a Jade Mamba Guard or two, they can be 'ni' and 'san'.  That's one, two, and three.  I'll have to wait to see the Jade Mamba Guard model in person before I decide if I want a second one.  I'm just hoping she'll be able to bodyguard, as that opens up a lot of possibilities in making Ito Clan warbands.

The Temple models in my collection are slowly accumulating paint, continuing my plan to make them fabulous.  Since I think the Rice Farmers are incredibly useful the two of them are first up on the painting table, and the rest of the starter set will follow.

Having run so many demos now I've been able to experience playing most of the starter boxes now, which does help bring insight into how individual factions work - still no Silvermoon however, I may have to drop Temple and pick up Silvermoon.  My favourite model to play is Zuba.  I just can't help but chortle to myself every time I see him smite something - regardless of which side of the smiting I'm on - and get a bajillion damage, almost regardless of success level.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Double Cleave and Tricky Business

I have just arrived home from a game against Jim's yokai-themed Cult of Yurei, and it was a difficult draw in the end.  So far Jim has been roflstomping everyone else with the list, but I put my game-face on and whipped out the Ito Clan to stop this nonsense.  Unfortunately I left Ayako at home, so I didn't have my normal double-Shisai styled lists, which made me grit my teeth at times.  Instead I brought along my double-Cleave ashigaru list, which lacks tricks and really just punches my opponent's models in the face until they give in.  I find it a little uninspiring but a good all-round list.

Ito Clan - Double Cleave Ashigaru
Ito Kaihime
Ito Masunagi
Temple Bushi
Temple Bushi

Cult of Yurei - Yokai Trickery
Taka & Wrath
+ Kimiko's Whistle
Large Rat Swarm
Small Rat Swarm (3)

Drain Spirit

I can't seem to find space in any of my Ito Clan lists for Special Cards, which I feel is something I should work towards.  There's definitely the surprise factor in having the cards, and they help allay any weaknesses in various lists.  For instance, Arashi's Fan on Naoko is amazing, and goes a long way to stop her being turned into a large pincushion.  Or Dark Secrets can actually win you games if you're even a little lucky with it.  I think what the Ito Clan need at this point is a number of very cheap models.

How Does the List Work?
Well, it's generally very simple, Naoko blinds something, and you have 3 vectors to kill it once the blind has been applied: shoot the target with Kaihime; stab it with Masunagi; stab it with Takeji.  The blind isn't vital, but it goes a long way to help if your opponent is surprised and so can't use any special attacks, special defences, or Ki feats.  Most often when one of the models with Cleave go in, your opponent is down two dice in melee already (Temple are the exception as they have access to Sixth Sense in spades) so you can even utilize Powerful Attack.
That's really it, the Temple Bushi are generally used as fodder to hold up my opponent while my heavy hitters manoeuvre around the table.  I often find Naoko gets shot to death by the end of the second or third turn, so learning how to function without her is a good idea.  However, my opponent has to work to deal with her or else suffer some horrific consequences.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wave 15 Concept Art

Prefecture of Ryu - Guardsman of Ryu
Temple of Ro-Kan - Sojobo
Cult of Yurei - Nezumi Kun
Savage Wave - Zung Fu
Ito Clan - Jade Mamba Guard
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate - Fitiaumua

Friday, 1 November 2013

Wave 14 Concept Art

Prefecture of Ryu - Katsumoto Takashi
Temple of Ro-Kan - Suchiro
Cult of Yurei - Wanyudo
Savage Wave - Cave Bat
Ito Clan - Masunagi Ito "the Red Death"
Silvermoon Trade Syndicate - Sakuratchi & Animals