Monday, 9 May 2011

Welsh Open Postscript

The Welsh Open is now concluded.  Huzzah.  While entertaining and useful in creating contacts, I wouldn't say I'll be going back - at least not as a TO or referee.  I believe my opinion would be more respected if I school the other TOs with my 'mad skillz yo' than the validity of any opinion or point I make.  Bring on the UK Masters!

As a referee I saw and heard about several things that bug me.  These don't detract from the event, as it was a spectacular event, there's no denying that, but are things that make me want to slap some sense into some people.

Tokens, players MUST put tokens on the table that clearly represent effects in the game.  This was distinctly lacking on several tables and I think next time I will administer some Singapore Justice to one and all who fail to do this if I'm ever called over to a table.  No clear token means no effect.  I'd even stop all the players in a given area of the room to point this out.  It's harsh, but not having the token both misleads your opponent and wastes their time.

Themed force discounts.  A larger number of players than expected could not figure out that your opponent is awarded the full points for the model/unit they destroyed, even if it is discounted by a themed force tier.  Just because you get it cheaper doesn't mean your opponent has to make any less effort in destroying it.

Flags.  The radius is 4 inches.  Yes, FOUR.  Please pick up the latest version of Steamroller and READ IT.  This was perhaps the most common rules query I was asked.  Please do not consult Prime MKii for the radius from a flag, Steamroller 2011 came out more recently.

Overall the event was great fun for the players.  The community is very pleasant on the whole, the barbecues were a great idea (if only we could do that here in Glasgow...) and the background organisation of the event was spectacular.  The planning for the scenarios was pretty awful (a lonely bead in the middle of a circular zone instead of marked circles?!) but the prize support was on a scale I can only dream of.  It's almost incomprehensible how much stuff Martyn and Sam got hold of to give away.  I can safely say I'm extremely jealous of what they managed to achieve.

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  1. Read the tournament pack? Are you insane? Such an act would set one up as the very utmost of gaming nuisances, the Rules Lawyer!

    Seriously, it winds me up no end as well.