Friday, 29 April 2011

UK Masters Preparation: Part 3 - So Much Anger

Tested Kris' eDoomshaper list and I found it generates stupid amounts of Fury very quickly.  Not quite my thing unfortunately.  Maybe if I had an additional helping of Whelps I'd consider it.  So... time to consider other options, and I'm wondering if I can cancel my PG order as it hasn't been processed (still - that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise).  Grim Angus or Gunnbjorn seem to be viable options, I'm leaning more towards Grim at the moment.  I'm rather impressed by the Bomber though, those 4" AoEs are great for blowing up random infantry, especially since I can boost the important blast damage rolls.

I'm testing out pMadrak again tomorrow with a couple of tweaks, what I like about his list is that my casualties are large irrelevant; as long as pMadrak is still alive and the enemy has models I can chew through then I'm still on for a possible assassination run.  However, just how it performs against denial lists is a mystery at the moment.  It has some bad match ups (lots of VERY high ARM models) and some great match ups (lots of infantry) but at the very least I need to play it a couple of times to get my turn time down.

Also noticed I've been playing terribly the last few games.  Definitely need to sort out my game.

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