Monday, 6 June 2011

Tent Peg

Well, I got humped.  Not a good showing at all this UK Masters, I hang my head in shame.  I didn't particularly enjoy this one unfortunately, but I believe that's due to non-gaming factors in my life rather than the event.  Once again, all the players were great, there were some 'technical' faults in the way it was run, but nothing that wasn't understandable (except for the whole laptop+mobile/Richard Jennings freezing issue - that's a complete mystery).  I got to speak to the other PGs more this time around, and it's more and more tempting to just sit out the tournament and help run it.  When I'm not in the running for one of the top spots (and I wasn't as I lost my first game), my overall enjoyment certainly dips, but getting games in was good.  All the training with time was for naught, as the games ran the standard length of time - which did cost me my first game as I committed to the zones a turn early as I thought time was going to get called.  My own fault, and full credit to Ben Josling for crushing my army (4th tiebreaker though) for my temerity.

Lots and lots of Trollblood players this time around, so I think it's time to put them to one side except for the odd game for fun.  That and I got hammered like a tent peg this UK Masters...  There wasn't anything that surprised anyone in my lists, no sneaky tricks, no cunning tactics or connivery I could pull out to shock them, everyone's played against Trollbloods now and have already seen what's coming.  Oh well.

Instead I'm going to pick up Mercnar, or Cercs, or perhaps Mygnar.  I shall first do this by completing my eMagnus Bad Seeds themed force, for like all problems that can be solved by application of Mulg, I feel a similar solution to problem solving can be utilized with the use of ambushing Sword Knights.  And Saxon.  Oh yes, I loves me some ambush.  That, and no one really takes Mercenaries seriously.  That's okay though, my lists are basically stripped down Cygnar lists.  I really want to test out the RAT 12 Sentinel with a full strafe attack...  Of course I have to hit the target with Calamity first, but that's a MINOR problem!  All I need at the moment are my Trencher Commandos, a Defender, and Saxon Orrik - as these were not available at the stand apart from the Defender and quite simply, I forgot about it.

After eMagnus' list is sorted, I'll check out Constance Blaize and see if a Precursor/Highborn Covenant themed list could actually work.

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