Saturday, 30 January 2010

Post Update Feedback

I played against a rather horrible Terminus list today using my not-quite-optimised eDoomshaper 35 point list. I say 'not-quite-optimised' in that I really want a Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribe Elder in my list, but they haven't arrived in the post so I was stuck with my Troll Bouncer. I'd like to say good things about the Troll Bouncer, but I just can't. At least with my play style, he blows goats. There's almost nothing that effects Hordes where I'd rather have Shield Guard over +2 ARM now - especially with the changes to Monster Hunter.

Anyway, I got humped. I knew it was going to happen as soon as I saw Bile Thralls hit the table. With no SSE to prevent horrible corrosion death I just wasn't prepared to lose all my Kriel Warriors. I was also expecting to make a tough roll or two but those were few and far between in this game as my new sets of dice are made of hate and fail. I may have to get my old dice sets out instead.

One of the new tricks I've learnt with eDoomshaper and Mulg is the madness of Refuge combined with Goad and Overtake. Mulg was all over the place, shifting about smashing face. I love it, it's one of my favourite things about Trollbloods. Refuge on eDoomshaper's feat turn is amazing: Mulg gets to move 7" after he's done breaking things. It's like a very small Spirit Door...

I did learn a major weakness of my eDoomshaper list too, it has a lot of problems with infantry machine, particularly infantry that can really hurt my heavies. Usually I just zerg my opponent with my big, clunky medium base infantry to bog them down while my warbeasts start on one flank and just chew their way through the opposing army at my leisure. If I can't make tough checks or there are Bile Thralls, however, then my list just falls to pieces.

The good news is that I should be able to start playing 50 point games with my Trollbloods shortly, which should be cool. I'm vaguely worried that I'm going to swamp myself with a million medium bases but being able to shoot in my army would be a pleasant experience.

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