Sunday, 24 January 2010

Chillaxing Like Bill Paxman

Today I ran the first of the Rising Conflict series of tournaments for 2010 (perhaps I should just start calling it Rising Conflict 2010...) - a small 15 point fully painted affair. The turn out was quite small at 8 people, which was fortunate in its own way, the amount of admin work I had to do wasn't too bad. I definitely need some form of software and a portable device (i.e. a laptop) to be able to track information better between players; figuring out who would come 3rd was a lot of legwork that a simple spreadsheet would have let me solve in half the time.

Having said that however, the tournament itself was a breeze to run, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, there weren't any arguments or disagreements that couldn't be resolved in a matter of minutes. I'd like to thank all the players who were there for making it such an easy event and one that was really great to run. It makes me really look forward to running the event at Conflagration in a couple of weeks.

The standings for Rising Conflicts MKii are as follows:
Jim - 8 points
Kris - 7 Points
Murray - 6 Points
Johanna - 5 Points
Iain - 4 Points
Tom McC - 3 Points
Andy S - 2 Points
Brian - 1 Point

While Jim won the tournament his first two games were seriously close calls. If Johanna's Rockram had hit the Butcher once more (7 health left) or Murray's bane thrall hadn't missed Karchev (2 damage boxes left) then either one of those would have probably won the tournament. I was surprised by how quickly Murray had Jim on the back foot in their game, and it did seem a forgone conclusion that Murray would win that one. Jim did manage to pull it out of the bag there however (I'm sure he sacrificed an animal of some sort in the toilet over his dice to get the numbers he needed though) and I'll have to say I was impressed with his solution.

We used the new Steamroller 2010 scenario pack, playing through Capture the Flag, Process of Elimination and Kill Box. I don't think scenarios were the best choice at this point level, players just don't have enough models to attempt the scenarios but they seemed to work for the most part and didn't cause anyone any headaches.

Onwards to Conflagration!

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