Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

Here are my thoughts on other faction models:

Baldur the Stonecleaver:
Being able to charge or power attack for free on a warbeast or warjack is HUGE. That's 2 free focus/fury (1 for the charge, and 1 for essentially an extra attack). It's just enough that he tips into my Overpowered book pamphlet. However, that was what he did in MKi, so I can't see it changing. I'm also jealous of Earth Spikes being an AoE as well, but it's fairly costed for what it does.

Kaya the Wildborne:
A nightmare to fight against if you do not have some means to match the speed of her warbeasts (strangely Trollbloods seem to be able to pull this off quite well) or a way to really hurt them at range. I like her and I'd consider her well balanced.

Tharn Ravagers:
Quite impressive for all the complaining I read concerning them (go forums go!). They're fast, hit hard and are a lot tougher than their armour would suggest. They don't make me cringe when I see them on the table, so they don't make it into the Overpowered pamphlet. I haven't seen them taken without the Shaman UA however.

Lord Tyrant Xerxis:
Doesn't wow me. He's looks quite nifty on paper but has quite a static play-style from what I have seen of him. I've come to the conclusion that he requires the use of multiple units of heavy infantry to function at his best. I suspect he's going to be Skorne's 'brick' warlock.

Master Tormentor Morghoul:
I view pMorghoul as what a 5 fury warlock should be. He is rather interesting to fight against and has a lot of ways to really hurt Hordes players - though Warmachine opponents aren't excluded totally. I liken taking Morghoul down to solving a mildly complex puzzle. Along with pKaya (or Kaya1 now?) I view Morghoul as perching on the much vaunted Balanced pedestal.

Cyclops Savage:
Along with the Troll Axer I view the Cyclops Savage as being as close to perfect Light Warbeasts as is possible. Both can take down a heavy with a little help from warlocks or support models but are still useful on their own.

Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter:
WHY IS THIS MODEL EVEN IN THE GAME? Much like pEiryss' Disruptor Bolt (to be filed in my WTF? folder) I believe Monster Hunter in its current form should have been scrapped. Disable an aspect for a round or something instead. Hmm, actually that might be bad...

I've just thought of an immensely evil combination to try out with Dahlia and Skarath...

Oh dear, I've been blogging for a year now. There's just no end to the narcissism!

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