Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Painting Time

Huzzah, another Trollblood model is now painted. I'll stick up a picture of my Troll Axer once the varnish dries - that'll be tomorrow, it's paint on satin varnish at this stage. I'm rather proud of how the majority of his skin turned out and almost all of the metal - though there's a few bits where I was trying to paint with chalky paint so it now has a weird texture. I do have to go back and add a couple of metallic items which I strangely totally forgot about until I was varnishing the Axer.

I'd rather like to get my Whelps finished next but the Golden Slayer for Conflagration takes precedence at the moment. I should also go and arrange additional prize support... There's just so much to do as a tournament organiser, I do wonder how Johanna found the time to do all her other hobbies. I need to craft another bajillion little pirate flag markers for objectives, and it would be really nice if the workshop at Strathclyde uni would get back to me on cutting out all those templates to mark various scenario zones. So much to do, so little time.

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