Monday, 18 April 2011

Concentrated Firepower

So... after three games with my new pDoomshaper list I have come full circle and gone back to the list I used last year, this time using Scouts instead of a minimum unit of Fennblades.  The new list just didn't seem to perform as expected (or I was playing terribly - probably more likely), but I'm happy with how last year's list performs with the Scouts replacement - this morning they blitzed a Scythean and an Angelius (though they'd have done more if they hadn't failed a terrifying entity check).  There's no Janissa, but I think she may have been promoting lazy play rather than smarter play.  The only thing I'm not happy with is using the Nyss Hunters as they've become too popular these days, they're not the dark horse entry they seemed to be last year.

My other two lists have also fallen into place strangely.  One is a list Kris Tannahill came up with and the other one appeared while I was pressing random buttons on Forward Kommander.  Both use a double Axer setup for Thresher spamming, and Mulg to deal with anything tougher than normal.  My pMadrak list utilises the theory of an almighty punch and is almost exclusively multi-wound.  Kris' eDoomshaper list brings the tools to deal with infantry spam while allowing me to use eDoomshaper's 14" death bubble.  It looks fun.  I'm going to have one more game with my pDoomshaper list, then begin testing on lists 2 and 3.  Their ludicrously low model counts bodes well.

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