Wednesday, 13 April 2011

UK Masters Preparation: Part 2 - The Doom Song

Moving back into regular games I'm quite pleased with my modified pDoomshaper list - though I'd still like to use his theme... one day it will happen!  I played against Martin's Fiona list and managed to dominate the centre zone (radial scenario) but I ran out of time on one of my turns without managing to get Janissa's wall down to protect Doomshaper.  So he ate a bajillion Long Gunner shots.

Kriel Warriors are superior to Fennblades.  This is a fact.  Do not be fooled by anyone telling you otherwise.  Unless you're utterly desperate to get the long range charge off, the Kriel Warriors perform much more consistently - and have Steady.  Fennblades may have Reach, but having effectively MAT 9 basic infantry solves more problems than Reach.  That and Caber Throwers are awesome.

I've noticed that people are taking big shooting units these days.  On Vassal I see the giant unit of Errants generally being knob-ends and trying to shoot pDoomshaper.  Unfortunately for them most people seem to forget about Mulg and he just wanders up into melee range and prevents lots of shooting - or he blocks LoS.  Sadly this is not an option against Fiona and her Nonokrion Brand, but I'm sure I can come up with something that works just as well (like moving away from the Long Gunners...).

Fortunately I can pinpoint the two things that could have prevented (well three if you count moving away from the Long Gunners (the wimpy choice!)) pDoomshaper's death, and they're something I'll have to incorporate into my battle plan each turn: activate Janissa immediately after I'm done with pDoomy and put that wall down - this takes priority over killing stuff; try to  have Transmute up on pDoomy as much as possible.  It's not too hard to do, I just need to get through my turns faster.

Here's the final version of my first list:
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls
*Mulg the Ancient
*Earthborn Dire Troll
*Pyre Troll
*Troll Axer
Kriel Warriors (min)
+Standard & Piper
+2 Caber Throwers
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min)
+Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Runeshapers
Fell Caller Hero
Janissa Stonetide

Now to cut my turn times down so that I have time to spare.

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  1. I think the appeal of Fennblades is the whole Reach/Vengeance/Hero's Tragedy thing - it's an opportunity to bring on analysis paralysis in the opponent and dominate the game through their reluctance to commit. Kriels are for a more active kind of Troll gameplay, I think - one that involves reliably hitting people and dominating the game through their being dead.