Monday, 23 March 2009

Rules of the Game

I was going to write a big long article about this article I saw on the Privateer Press forums the other day. Unfortunately I couldn't really find anything new to say that wouldn't place me on a very high and precarious pedestal, and so you're going to end up with this post instead.

So I've been playing Warmachine for three months now and come up with three simple rules to play by:

Don't be a dick. Perhaps the most important rule. This covers "don't be a rules lawyer" and "don't cheat".

The objective is to win, the point is to have fun. I cannot take credit for creating this rule, I believe one of the Infernals came up with it on a sportsmanship thread. If you're not enjoying playing a hyper-competitive list, then don't.

Everyone loses at some point. It happens to everyone, at some point you'll lose - it could be for any reason, from bad tactics to cold dice. Expect it to happen some day and try to learn from it. Don't throw a hissy fit.

Lessons Learnt from Losing Constantly
Here are some of the more important concepts I've developed in the time I've been playing Warmachine.
There are only two types of play styles in Warmachine and Hordes: assassination and attrition.
If the assassination can be prevented, an attrition list will almost always win.
A competitive list combines both melee and ranged attacks. This is the primary reason I lose so many games, any ability to neuter my melee offensive usually results in a loss.
Denial abilities weigh heavily in determining the winner of a game.

Perhaps not my most in-depth and though provoking article, I may come back and fill it out.


  1. Hey andy, i just thought of something, i think kell baylock would a gd addition to your army. He pretty much guarantees killing 2 troopers a turn, and also if u absoloutely need rid of a poxy annoying trooper who is blocking a charge lane...he will do the job. Even tho it won't elevate your army into the kind of gun death squads that i pull out it would give u some much needed gunfire.

    Also widows would never hit him if he is lurking. Him, eyriss, would kill 3 guys a turn....would cause a command check to some units. Just a thought. Jim

  2. Hmm, will see what I can do to fit him in. You should be able to make whole new posts by the way Jim, not just comments. I've sent you an invite for access, the relevant information should be in your e-mail.