Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Enter the Warlord

I've just finished painting eMagnus and I'm Very Happy with the results. I've experimented more with two brush blending and I'm starting to get to the stage where I can say Less is More. This is a special stage of development in the painting cycle it seems and I'm beginning to understand what all those Zen Masters of the miniature painting world are speaking about.
There's something definitely satisfying about picking up a painted model that's heavier than it should be simply because it's epic. I should be able to get a picture up tomorrow night or there about.

Now I'm ready to partner with up Sean Murchie (or whichever of the twins is pretending to be Sean that day) and his Skorne since all my stuff is painted and ready for the 1,000 point team games. Granted I only needed to do eMagnus and two Renegades - Sean's providing the other two - so it's a bit of a cop out. At least my eMagnus will be too beautiful to die!

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