Thursday, 18 June 2009

More Retributing

Privateer Press have released a snazzy picture of the Retribution battling the forces of Khador. If you're using a browser that isn't Firefox and trying to view the larger picture you'll have to right click and Save As on the small 'broken image' graphic in the top left corner. Once you've downloaded the picture you'll be able to view it with no problems. The picture makes the Retribution look a lot better, especially since you can compare the sizes of models on the diorama. They've moved once again into the 'tempt me not vile heathen' area of interest. Even if they have once again piqued my interest I'll still wait until the Forces book comes out.

My painting schedule has mystically filled up since I delivered Iain's Pyre Troll (I wish I'd taking a few photos of it actually). Apparently I'll be painting Terminus and more Skorne than you can throw a sockjack at. Epic Doomshaper and Prof. Pendrake have arrived in the mail too, so Doomshaper's already getting his base coat. I'm going for a yellow primary, red (or maybe blue, I'll see how easy it is to work with the red) secondary and copper and silver metallics. It should look quite good (in theory) but we'll see when eDoomy is done.

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