Wednesday, 9 July 2008

System Specs

The debate continues on the IK forums over the future of the IK RPG, is Privateer Press going to switch to 4E D&D, perhaps Savage Worlds, or maybe even their own homegrown system? Privateer Press have adopted a 'we'll tell you when we know' stance, which is fair enough, it's their product after all. Personally I think they'll use 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons given the massive amount of support that can be generated quickly simply through Wizards of the Coast churning out source books of various types. That and I've never had a look at the Savage Worlds system, which I'm told is now Open License like 3.5e D&D. I might do that on a rainy day.

Having renewed my interest in all things Iron Kingdoms I've decided to start collecting a Hordes army, namely the Trollbloods. Unfortunately I've spent this month's paycheck already on a Wii for my sister's birthday so actually buying my Trollbloods is going to be a while. I've been hunting the various boards for a suitable way to convert Madrak since I don't like his pose or the 'Evil Clown face' he has. To that end I found this thread. While I don't like the use of Borka's head I've decided I'll use one of the heads from the Kriel Warriors. I'm also liking the art of eMadrak in No Quarter 19 by Andrea Uderzo. It's awesome.

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