Saturday, 5 July 2008

Balancing Issues

I've started planning out a bunch of paragon paths for the IK and they've turned out to be surprisingly hard to balance out. I'm planning to make the fell caller and sworn protector, a paragon path for ogrun who have sworn service to a korune. If Volin and I can finish up polishing his bodger class then a junker paragon path might be an idea to do, but the base class still needs a lot of work. Could be a while though, the bodger needs a lot of work. While Volin has good ideas he's got a lot of layout and game mechanic issues.

While we're on the subject of classes WotC have published their playtest version of the artificer in Dragon. Much to my surprise artificers turned out to be arcane leaders, I was expecting some kind of controller/striker hybrid, but leader works out much better. Given that artificers and arcane mechaniks were *very* similar I was thinking of drafting up the arcane mechanik as an arcane leader too, though I still have a lot of work to do with the gun mage. We'll just have to see what I've got time to do.

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