Thursday, 10 July 2008

Roles and Power Sources

I was browsing some old forum threads instead of doing work (as usual) and it occurred to me that the various IK classes that need write-ups (arcane mechanik, bodger, and gun mage) also need to be given defined roles and power sources. I know that sounds really stupid and obvious, but most people seems to think a bodger is a martial striker, there's already two of those in the Player's Handbook, there'd be some serious overlap if the bodger turned out to be a striker. It'd be far more interesting to see the bodger with more controller powers, using flasks of oil, rolls of barbed wire or even windup mechanikal devices that explode to influence the battlefield. I'd keep the anti-construct/mechanikal creature stuff, since that's what bodgers do, but a greater emphasis on controller would be nice.

As I've said before about artificers being arcane leaders, I see arcane mechaniks using the same role. The problems arise when we try to sit down and figure out mechanika rules. I'm not a great fan of adding fiddly bits to existing game mechanics, but mechanika needs its own flavor. I've just tagged accumulator rolls (taken from the recharge mechanic that monsters in the Monster Manual use) and applied them to all the mechanikal items my players get hold of. Unlike recharge rolls, when you fail the roll you have to replace your arcane accumulator - the mechanikal version of a battery - by taking a standard action before your shiny item will work again. As arcane mechaniks were the recharge bunnies of 3.5e in the Iron Kingdoms I can see them being able to influence accumulator rolls, either by providing bonuses or by allowing rerolls. While I would love to do a write-up on this class, the fine details of the mechanika rules have to be hammered out first.

Seeing as there's no warlocks in the Iron Kingdoms (or my version of the IK, your version may well have warlocks) the role of the gun mage is obvious, they take over as the arcane striker. Problem solved. Now if only I could come up with another hundred ways to say 'you shoot a magic bullet, it does stuff.' for all the skills I'm writing up.

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