Saturday, 5 July 2008

Iron Kingdom Elves

Work continues on all the conversions from 3.5e D&D to 4e on all things Iron Kingdoms. A strange sticking point has cropped up in the form of the elves of the Iron Kingdoms, people really believe they both need their own set of rules for reasons I cannot fathom. If I were more open about my geekiness I would have let out a big cheer when I found out Keith Baker ditched all this subraces garbage in Eberron and I feel the Iron Kingdoms should have been the same way.

The Nyss and Iosans are both elves, they're just culturally different. There's no real reason behind them having lots of different special rules when you can just as easily represent either race with just your skill and feat selection. Nyss elf? Take Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) - or Nyss Claymore if we end up making it have it own stats - and train in Nature, Perception and Stealth. Nyss sorcerer instead? Ok, swap out Stealth for Arcana then. You can do an extraordinary amount of things with just your basic feat and skill selections in 4th Edition, it places a greater amount of effort on the player to act out their character and lessens the need to represent every detail with some form of statistic.

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