Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Added Responsibility

Damn you all! Now that people actually visit my blog there's added pressure to actually do some work instead of moaning about stuff like the quasi old person I am.

I'm still waiting on Volin's reply to my suggested changes to the Demolish power for Bodgers - basically you can activate a Demolish encounter power for free when you whack a construct or mechanikal creature with the Demolish at-will exploit. Since I've been updating a single post with all my suggested changes on his forum topic I'm not sure Volin actually knows I've been suggesting more and more changes. A couple of issues have come up, namely an Alchemy skill he has listed. This does make a certain degree of sense, but I've been merging Alchemy into Arcana in my games with no loss.

Work on the gun mage continues slowly, but now that people read this blog and check it for updates I'll try to do updates to the class more often. After sitting down for a bit and studying the math of all the current rules we've come up with, I changed most of the gun mage spells to have the Weapon keyword instead of the Implement keyword. This boosts gun mages' hit rolls by +3 for most powers, though there are still a few with the Implement keyword still, those can be used without a firearm. My plan is to include one or two spells per level that can be used offensively but don't need a firearm so a gun mage with no firearms isn't totally at a loss.

I'll try to have the heroic tier spells done by the end of next week, but I'll add each level as I do them every couple of days. My main problem is coming up with the descriptive text of each power, which for a gun mage is summarized with "you shoot a bullet, stuff happens."

Given some format issues I have with the forums I was thinking of converting my neat, well organized Word documents into pdf files once each project is finished. I'll try to get hold of Adobe and make it all shine, or send my Word files to someone else to do it for me. We'll just have to see when it's all done.

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