Thursday, 18 November 2010

Render Unto Caesar

New models have appeared on the Privateer Press website today:
Skaldi Bonehammer (Trollkin Champion Character UA)
Tharn Ravager Chieftain (Tharn Ravager UA)

I missed out on the previous releases, but I'm sure the people 'in the know' will have seen the pictures and descriptions already.  Both Skaldi and the Chieftain are really nice figures, though I think the Chieftain is an incredible figure, we're going to see him entered into all the major painting competitions I reckon.  I'd love to paint one up at some point, when I'm not doing my fifty bajillion Trollblood models...

Speaking of painting, I'm still working on my Runeshapers, the leader is nearly finished - though I've left the hammer completely untouched so far as it's a separate piece.  The other two are base coated and have had their first sets of washes.  The metallics are coming out nicely, but I do wonder how I can make them better.  After this of course, there's only another two units of Runeshapers, the entire KSB entourage and... everything else really.

Plans for next years tournaments are getting steadily greater, I've already got plans to run a 25 points Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw tournament using only Grind and Demolition scenarios from the SR2011 pack; I'm just having a problem coming up with a name for the tournament (Grid Iron?  Scrap Metal?).  The Tartan Brawl has all its groundwork laid out, though I'm still hunting around for additional prizes - Cerberus (via Vish) have kindly donated a Dire Troll Mauler EXTREME(!!!), faction coins and faction badges.  I have a few extra ideas for prizes but I'll have to hunt down some people that could approximate sponsors for them.  I'm sure I could finagle more out of Vish, but I don't think he'd appreciate every e-mail I send him being one where I ask for Stuff.

For those who are donating to my "Fund a Press Ganger"... fund(?) I do accept cash.  Please stop saying you'll give me cash; being super-polite (and possibly Singaporean) means I can't ask you directly for it after you say you'll give it to me.  Just get the cash straight away and shove it in my bony fists or transfer it via Paypal using the Donate button on this blog (it's on the left).  That way I can then pass it on to Matt Reid (who now follows this blog!) to build us all new terrain, or buy Steamroller related products and prizes.

On the topic of Paypal, if you want to participate in the Scotland heat of Hardcore Series I, then you MUST buy tickets via RHQ (they use Paypal).  If you do not book your tickets beforehand, you don't get entry into the tournament.  If you do not have access to Paypal, then I can take cash and book your ticket for you.  The sooner you guys book the better, or else a load of soft southerners are going to get all the tickets and steal all the places.

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