Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Tartan Brawl 2011

Behold, Scotland's first two day event for Warmachine and Hordes! The first Tartan Brawl will be held on March 12th-13th 2011.
The event will use the most recent Steamroller format, and all games will be at 50 points.

Venue: Food Factory, Queen Margaret Union, University of Glasgow
Cost: £10 entry, payment to be taken at the door. Please express interest as soon as possible though, I don't want to bring in fewer tables than players.

12th: DAY ONE : 11am - 2am
Players will play their first set of three games. I expect drinking will become involved once the bar downstairs opens.

13th: DAY TWO : 11am - 6pm
Players will play their second set of three games.

How to Get There:
The QMU is relatively easy to find in Glasgow's West End.
Google Maps reference
Any taxi can take you there.
The HILLHEAD underground station is very close to the QMU, just proceed up Ashton Lane and turn up the slightly dodgy alley to the left behind Brel.

Glasgow Hilton Grosvenor
Clifton Hotel
Kelvin Hotel
Heritage Hotel

All these hotels are within walking distance of the venue - varying between 5 and 15 minutes walk (I'd advise walking down Byres Road, not up the big-ass hill). Failing any of these, any hotel near an Underground station will get you to the venue with no hassle.


  1. Fantastic news, lets all us locals make this a weekend for everyone to remember!

  2. I expect you guys to outdrink those soft southerners!