Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mechanikal Ceiling

Glasgow Summer League Changes!
Take note you infidels:
Play each person in the league ONCE, rather than twice.  Make that game count!
The period of play has been extended to 10 weeks (ending on Tuesday September 21st)
Sign ups are still open.

In other news:
A world of shenanigans has been uncovered while playing my Mercenaries again.  In a practice game against Jim (he was using a Molik Karn list - Xerxes was in it!) I discovered that Kayazy Assassins - with Underboss of course - are devilishly sneaky.  They have a very high DEF, especially in melee, are very accurate and can hit at a decent P+S using Gang.  Previously I've been a bit wary of the Kayazy Assassins, I have a unit of 8 plus Underboss from MKi but never used them in MKii.  Now I may have found the answer to Daughters of the Flame I've always been looking for.  Generally nice miniatures too...

Another trick I've learnt is the combination of Gorman di Wulfe and Madelyn Corbeau.  This pair makes a truly evil duo, worthy of Supervillainhood.  A Death Bubble around Gorman appears, it's 13" from the Rogue Alchemist, and that's where he can automatically blind something with a Black Oil grenade - even if you miss, you should be within the Magic 4 (4 inches that is, a 3" AOE cannot miss its target regardless of how it deviates from 4" away).  It's been a long time since I've had the chance to chase something around with Gorman, but French Kevin's poor Avatar just spent an entire game Blind.  My inner bastard was howling with laughter, the normal exterior feels slightly guilty.

I'm still displeased at the P+S 17 cap for the non-Dwarf mercenary warjacks, but it's just something merc players have to live with.  Oh well, maybe next year we'll get the Steelhead version of the Arcanist...  I should really update my Mercenaries gallery too, I've redone heaps of the metallics and bases.

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