Friday, 2 July 2010

Bastion of Grr

I had my first game against Kevin (French Kevin) this week, in a small 35 point game against his Protectorate. Kevin was using the Harbinger and I thought I'd see how pDoomshaper does against her (I'd left half my eDoomshaper list at home). Having never played against the Harbinger I have to say she's incredibly irritating to play against, particularly with Bastions. At least at the smaller point value games - in larger point games I could just power through Martyrdom, or bring a more balanced list to shoot the wench.

The game wasn't the most riveting of encounters, both of us were using denial casters so there wasn't a lot going on that stayed on the board. Kevin got to use Purification a few times to wipe Banishing Ward (had extra Fury and nowhere to put it - yes, my KSB was full), Fortune, and various animi, but all the Harbinger seemed to do was camp ludicrous amounts of Focus, spam Martyrdom and then heal up the following turn. Eventually I powered through the Bastions/Martyrdom mixture through the cunning use of Thresher (go Axer!) but Mulg failed me and did not destroy the Avatar - Mulg missed 2 attacks needing 5+ to hit, with rerolls, so the Avatar survived and then got a turn with maximum Focus; once both my heavies died it all fell apart and I was a sad panda. It was very educational however.

Bastions do not like Thresher. Also, Bastions seem to like being close together most of the time. I must really remember is that Thresher damage is simultaneous, so it's a bit more complex when figuring out how damage is distributed amongst the Bastions. What I really need are some effects that move the Bastions out of the way... Hmmm... I guess I may need to dig up some Kriel Warriors and their associated Caber Throwers. Or I suppose I could resort to using eMadrak - Thresher for everyone!
edit - ffs, Martyrdom is within Command range, not Control, them Bastions be deaded!

Having said all that however, I think I'll try out pMadrak again. I'm not a fan of having a measly 5 Fury, but I do need more experience away from both versions of Doomshaper.

Yes, Jim is missing from the list of authors. He's still got permission to post and when he makes a post I'll add him back on - he is awfully busy, so we'll see how it works out. We're still awaiting Sean's Blog Post of Super Amazing Awesomeness.

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