Monday, 24 May 2010

You Can Do It...

Two days of working on Jim's house and two great games. Well, one was EPIC, the other was just epic for me.

Mark Bonatti sold a vast hoard/horde (both apply) of Skorne models to Jim and Jim felt like testing the Skorne out. I needed more practice with pDoomshaper so we sat down to have a game on the Saturday after doing some work on Jim's ruin house. As I said before I was surprised at how versatile pDoomshaper was and this first game just served to reinforce what we'd discovered. pDoomshaper is a goldmine that spills out raw, undiluted Trollblood goodness in a never-ending supply.

In our first game there were 5 assassination runs. pDoomshaper (and Mulg(!)) stalked pMakeda around the board for 3 turns running: the first assassination run failed because Mulg has a threat of 11", not a move - unless Relentless is up - and so there was a lonely Praetorian in the wrong place; the second failed simply because Mulg missed his Goad target twice even with Fortune up; the third was when the Nyss Hunters flubbed their damage roll for a nice, big CRA. All of these would have won me the game.

Jim tried to kill pDoomshaper twice before finally succeeding in his fifth turn. The first time Doomshaper was attacked by multiple Cetrati and Praetorians, and then he survived a second turn of this (thanks to Tough!) before finally succumbing to the onslaught.

Overall this was the most fun game I think either of us had in a while. Although I lost the sheer comedy of action both of us had made it easily worth the while.

Note: Rampager is so much fun.

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