Friday, 14 May 2010

Food for Thought

Despite aspirations of being placed highly in the UK Masters, between Jim and myself on Tuesday it's surprising we had a brain between us. I screwed myself by forgetting to move Eiryss away from BOTH my heavies, which Jim then corrected by killing Eiryss even after he'd realised my mistake. Despite this I made a /headdesk error by not moving my Nomad further across to obstruct his Harrower - which ironically I thought about beforehand but failed to put into action. I can see Patrick Stewart facepalming already.

My inability to make any sort of command check remains unabated. Thor and his spraybunny didn't quite bring out the wonders I was hoping - the power of the spray on the Blaster is a little too low for what I need. I don't need more POW 10 attacks, I need more POW 12+ ones. To that end Thor and his buddy are out. My list also has no answer to the likes of the Avatar, Mulg or the Deathjack, models that exert a gravitas of their own merely by being on the board. Mercenaries just don't have something like that (yet) so I need to bring something to neutralize them - Black Oil. Back in comes Gorman di Wulfe.

That leaves me with 3 points... I need some sort of mechanic to repair my warjacks, and the only other mechanic available is Dirty Meg. The only single point option for Mercenaries is good old Reinholdt. Dirty Meg comes with a lovely gun that causes Stall, which is an added benefit; and Reinholdt's Lucky Charm will certainly be useful with all the Calamity spells I'm throwing around.

I've been in an odd painting mood this week and I've now done the majority of Mulg. Why did I choose Mulg to paint when I have an entire Mercenaries army to do before Masters? I have no idea, I just picked him up out of the foam and got painting. He's actually looking pretty good at the moment, I've almost finished all his skin. Once that's done I'll get back to my Mercenaries... I *must* finish my all my solos.

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