Monday, 24 May 2010

But You'll Die.

And so we move on to the second game. I won this game against Jim (eMakeda) and wasn't going to make a big deal out of it. LIES! WOOHOO! VICTORY FOR ANDY!

This of course marks my quarterly win against Jim, which was currently 2 months overdue. Not to worry however, I plan to get my next quarterly win at the UK Masters in the final (unless we're REALLY unlucky, which means I'll just get it sooner).

At 50 points I have to say the amount of denial I could bring to the table was stupendous. I use that word in its literal sense. pDoomshaper, with Mulg and a Bouncer close makes pDoomshaper almost untouchable, especially during his feat turn. Yes, you can hit him, but Mulg's going to smite you hard and failing that you're spending focus/fury galore. Systems are going to get ruined. By the time I get my turn not many things are left fully functional and so it's a simple matter of moping up and then ploughing onwards.

I feated first turn and basically had Jim on the back foot the entire game after that. Granted Jim's dice did blow goats throughout most of the game, I have to give him that. The catchphrase of the game in Jim's last turn - when Mulg was standing next to Makeda looking angry, and pDoomshaper *might* be in assassination range was "You can do it, but you'll die." as Jim went through his options and I vetted them for viability - most of which would have resulted in Mulg getting a free Protective Fit (with Fortune) attack on eMakeda (7 damage left) and killing her after transfer overload on the barely alive Canoneer (4 damage left after healing).

edit - no, he couldn't have used Subdue to reduce the hit damage, Mulg had Runebreaker up. Yes, I used Mulg's Animus. Seriously. I bet some of you didn't even know he had an animus.

While pDoomshaper does have Old Man Stats (low DEF/ARM) he does bring a massive toolbox to the battlefield, I wish I'd tried him out more seriously sooner. It's quite possible he's an equal to eSkarre.

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  1. Bravo you. I'm glad to see the cantankerous old racist getting some love; he looked pretty interesting to me, albeit easy to underestimate. Bonus points for using Runebreaker too. :D