Sunday, 7 February 2010

Conflagration 2010: Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

It's all over and done with. As an organiser I've learnt a few things about the SR2010 scenarios: firstly, I need to yell louder that people have a 5 minute extension once per game; secondly that you CONTINUE to score points after the second player's second turn - it seemed a strange point to have come up, but it came up at least twice.

Kill Box is an excellent scenario for fast games. It dumps both warlocks/warcasters within a very viable area to get killed horribly. However, eDeneghra and eMagnus both break the majority of scenarios if they go first, it's something to watch out for. So if you see either of them across the table from you, be sure to have a way to nuke them until they glow if they have the first turn.

Speaking of tournaments, I'm disappointed with Mercenaries not getting into the championships of Templecon. I may just have to bring my Mercenaries to the UK Masters and own face to prove a point...

Oh yes, the results of Conflagration 2010:
1st: Jim Lawrence
Khador - eButcher

2nd: Mark Bonatti
Mark also won the painting prize (some pirate flag bunting!)
Cryx - eDeneghra

3rd: Thomas Rolland
Retribution - Garryth

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