Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back to Basics

Since I first started painting my Mercenaries my painting skills have improved dramatically - especially my blending and metallics. Looking at my old figures makes me really want to go back and redo a lot of them. I'm going back and redoing all the metallics, we'll see about the other parts of the miniatures on a case by case basis - luckily I hate painting units so there isn't actually all that much to cover (about 20 models).

While I'm at it, I've decided I'm going to rebase all of my Mercenaries so that they have desert bases instead of my very generic muddy+snow+grass. Fortunately I've found a number of very useful resources to help me with figuring out how to colour my new bases. Certain figures will need more work (eMagnus) but the new bases are very quick and easy to do. I'll be sure to update my gallery as work progresses.

I've decided I want to take Mercenaries to the UK Masters this year, but that's very dependant on what new Mercenary models Privateer Press are going to give us before then. If the non-dwarf Mercenaries don't get a way to increase their warjack damage then that idea is going to get binned. If my precious Steelhead Arcane Mechanik comes along however, I'm going to do the Happy Dance.

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