Saturday, 7 July 2018

Blink Dog

My Prefecture of Ryu testing as begun.  And what an amazing debut game they had!  After a couple of test games I'm bewildered as to why people aren't destroying all their opponents with Atsushi and Shinobu.  That dog is ludicrously dangerous and mobile.  You can threaten the enemy board edge on turn one with it.  Why are Prefecture players not doing this?!  It's actually taken me a couple of games to figure out how to play against it, and even then I feel like I'm surrendering positioning to counter a 3 rice model.

I'm quite enjoying the Prefecture playstyle.  There's something to be said for being able to ignore most of the trap techniques to kill models in the game.  You made my model Impetuous?  No worries, I'll activate them after I use these 10 pass tokens.  I do see weaknesses in the faction, but that's to be expected, no faction has answers for everything.  The first thing I'm wary of is the lack of native Sixth Sense in the faction, and the next is that lack of Jump Up/Steady.  These are not problems I've previously had across my factions, it will take some getting used to.

I've tried out a new iteration of my Queen of the Waves warband with Jung Mari, and I'm happy with how it feels, though I'd like an unnamed 9 rice (new rice) profile so that I can get more models that use her captain buff.  The change to the Jung themes and the Kancho’s has effectively removed a benefit from each theme and put it on the appropriate Kancho instead.  It’s just occurred to me that the update to Flank to make it guaranteed reliable means that my Queen of the Waves warband is just that little bit more cunning and brings in an extra trick.  That gives my warband 5 models that either deploy further forward or use Flank...  hmmm...

Today’s testing will involve the Prefecture, and I shall report on Jim’s response to both warbands.

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