Monday, 25 June 2018

The Bear Does Not Dance

Interesting Minimoto related official blog post!
This is the sort of thing Jason and I discuss, along with more specific stuff like "Mari's profile still seems super-awkward, can we give her Voice of the Wind?".  She didn't get Voice of the Wind.  I was sad.

I really need to finish writing up my blog posts instead of letting an uncommonly long time elapse and lose the relevance of the post in the first place.

Risen Sun work progresses.  The special cards are pretty much done.  There will be some rice cost tweaking across the board, it is hard to price things precisely using theorycraft.  It's very interesting to see specific thematic rules developing within factions as we go.  For instance, the Ito Clan have turned into the Virtue token faction - they may not generate any more than anyone else, but they have the most options for what to do with any given Virtue token.

The Ito, Prefecture, and Jung are all in places I'm happy with, and I haven't really touched the KKZ or Temple as those are Jason's factions of choice, he'll be a lot more aware of their issues than me.  That leaves STS, Cult, Wave, and Decension for fine tuning now.  We actually designed most of the Minimoto using the Risen Sun system, which is why they fell a bit flat during testing as some things did not translate backwards.

Control Prefecture is something I've been looking at lately, but forming a coherent direct control warband with Prefecture is a bit difficult at the moment.  It's quite hard squeezing Yukio and a Golden Sentinel into a warband without losing a model or having to sacrifice some serious quality to get extra numbers.  I was originally going to just go with the starter box and then add the two Imperial models, but I don’t think the rice costs quite work out.  A lot of the basic Prefecture stuff has had an increase in cost

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