Sunday, 28 June 2015

Not Yurts

Tengu Decension Starter Set
The latest post about the Tengu Decension is up.  Go forth and check them out!  It looks like the faction colour is yellow.  The cards for the starter box are also revealed, so we get a taste of how they play.

I was supposed to be working today but I discovered that my Suzuki Jimny (it's a really small jeep) has 2 flat tires.  I have one spare tire, but not two, so I'm somewhat housebound until the tire shop around the corner gets some of the appropriate tires in stock.

Today's quite a busy day for Bushido.  The Tengu Decension starter box has been revealed in all its painted glory, and the latest errata is out too.  There's a lot in it concerning traits with conflicting effects now nullifying each other (which I ruled a while ago, but I'd erroneously taken a sentence from the melee timings and got it confused with conflicting traits - now it's actually official).  The Controlled state seems to be in the errata but only to change a couple of words: "requires" turns into "removes".  There's an important list of alternative profiles and which models to use for them when you utilize the new special card sets.  If you're wondering which models to buy with your latest order, you better have a look at the errata.

Been on a mad painting drive lately, Mizuki and both Shimogamo Vipers are nearly finished.  The Takashi/Ito Ancestor is done, but all that model required was a whole load of drybrushing.  All three of the currently available profiles for the Tengu Decension are now fully painted, though I'm not happy with how one of them came out - I was attempting to paint purely by washes since the model has a lot of grooves and ridges, and it didn't come out very well.  I would have done a better job with normal highlights.

Now that the background art for the Tengu Decension is out, I can sit down and make some houses for my future hill tribesmen.  They seem to live in pueblo-style houses, which are ludicrously easy to manufacture with foam board and some round wooden dowels.  Before the artwork I was considering making some yurts or tents.  I'll try to churn out a couple tomorrow and then figure out how to give the illusion of height on my Tengu Decension themed board.

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