Monday, 1 August 2011

Weapons of Mass Constuction

I've discovered a very useful offline army constructor - mkII FCU (Force Constructor Utility).  It's pretty sleek, though there are a couple of issues when you attempt to add attachments or warjacks and haven't selected what you're adding it to.  What is best about it though is that it seems to be constantly updated.  It already has the new eHaley and pSkarre themed forces from the latest No Quarter in it.  It can't print your army lists out unfortunately but it can export all the information into a text format (or HTML or BBL) that you could paste into a word processor.  It's certainly on a par with iBodger, though it isn't as mobile, but it's nice to have available while I work on other projects online (like my impending GW2 journal/blog).

Constance Blaize and Damiano have now both been assembled, though my bajillion other models are still ahead of them in the painting queue.  Unfortunately neither of their lists are quite ready yet as some things just weren't in stock or I forgot to order them.  I'll try to rectify that later this week.  As for assembling these two warcasters though:
Damiano is easy to assemble and has a surprising range of poses you can use.  I'm really quite pleased with how the miniature is built and how solidly it all sticks together.  Constance on the other hand is something of a nightmare.  She's no Mortenebra but honestly, what hassle.  All the joins are tiny and nigh-unpinnable.  I've done the best I can with green stuff and superglue, but realistically she's going to have bits break off at some point in the future.

As I've *finally* managed to get my friends in Aberdeen interested in the game, I'm assembling the Warmachine battle boxes for them.  So far I've built the Protectorate and Khador ones, with the Cygnar one lurking conspicuously in the background.  The plastic warcasters are actually really nice - at least Sorscha and Kreoss are - and the heavies are simple to build.  Not so for the light warjacks.  Goodness gracious (I never thought I'd say that) they are a royal pain in the arse.  Go metal for lights people!  Ignore that plastic stuff, it's such a hassle.  Or pin it like it was metal.  That would probably work better.  The lights also appear to be made of several thousand pieces each - buyer beware!

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