Friday, 22 July 2011

Constant Variables

I've now ordered my complete Constance Blaize army list for 50 points except for a Cygnar heavy warjack box that will be Gallant, Harlan Versh and Rocinante.  I'm really looking forward to trying this list out, it combines lots of anti-magic with Steelheads and being able to boost attacks in strange places.  It also fits my Cygnaries theme.  However, it is infantry heavy and I'm already having a hard time painting through my Bad Seeds force.

Meanwhile I'm tweaking away at my Bad Seeds list.  I get the feeling it needs another melee heavy or that I need to be able to prevent the Nomad from dying... ever...  I could drop all the 'extras' I bring to support the list - the Trencher Master Gunner, the Sentinel, and shrink the Sword Knights down to a minimum unit and then bring along a Mangler.  It's very tempting as I've been sorely missing thresher attacks lately, but then again I could also just shrink the Sword Knights down to a minimum unit to bring along my shiny, new Trencher Chain Gun to keep my warjacks free of non-Reach infantry.  Time for some experiments.

I also received a bunch of new models for my Trollbloods from Firestorm Games this week.  I've become somewhat addicted to ambush so I picked up a minimum unit of Bog Trogs, along with a Feralgeist, another Axer and Grim Angus.  Unfortunately I'm not going to be playing my Trollbloods in a good while as I test out the Mercenaries.  I'm really looking forward to trying out Constance.

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