Saturday, 2 July 2011

Painting Schedule

My Trencher Commandos and Saxon Orrik arrived this weekend, so I'm a happy camper.  The Commandos are surprisingly few pieces - half the unit consists of single piece miniatures!  Saxon Orrik comes in a mere 2 parts, so I'm planning to build all of those on Sunday and get the Defender base coated.

On the painting front, the Rangers look to be ludicrously easy to get painted, I'm discovering a new-found love of cloaks - they cover up those three thousand pouches and bags other models have.  The first base coat is already on them and I expect to plough through them pretty quickly.  Kell Bailoch's face has some issues, it reminds me of Freddy Kruger for some reason but I'm not sure why the face doesn't respond to shading or pretty much any painting technique; it's just a big pink blob.  The Sword Knights are easy enough to paint but are time consuming, I've only properly finished one so far and another 3 are in the early stages of painting.

So that's the Bad Seeds painting list so far, I've still got miles to go but it's slowly getting there.  Once that list is done, then I'm on to rebasing and finishing all the Steelhead models I possess.  As I mentioned in some blog post back in yonder time, I was rebasing my Mercenaries from a grass/snow base to a desert theme.  Unfortunately I never got around to redo-ing all the Steelhead stuff, but at least I only have to paint 1.5 halberdiers and 1.5 cavalry figures to have the basic Steelhead tactical group finished.  I'm working on giving Stannis Brocker a base that's more dramatic than the normal bases, if only I could get hold of Kraye's rock on the cheap...

I'm still thinking on my third Mercenary warcaster after eMagnus and Damiano, and I remain rather stumped.  I keep thinking one of the Rhulic warcasters would be really nice to have, but what I REALLY want is a warjack caster.  I know (or at least I saw a post by Jason Soles) saying that we could expect a new Rhulic warcaster before the end of the year, but I don't know what we're going to get with that.  It will probably take that long for me to pick up all the Steelhead models I need anyway, so I may as well adopt a wait-and-see stance.

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