Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fatigue in the System

Once again I have been struck down with the RPG bug. I caught it after reading Chris Perkin's extensive episode guide for his Iomandra campaign. If you're a DM/GM in any way one of these guides (either one) are definitely worth a read, they're a fascinating way to see how someone else (who is a much better DM than me) constructs their stories in a campaign. I don't recommend reading both the Monday and Wednesday guides as there is significant story overlap and you'll end up reading a great deal of the same thing with different character names.

What intrigues me the most is the amount of resources Chris Perkins must have at WotC HQ - or even at his personal disposal. He's got to have miniatures for everything D&D - granted they're not exactly wowing me with miniature sculpts but you're not after fantastic miniatures when you're plonking down 20 random skeletons/zombies. A small part of me is very jealous.

Which moves us once again into the realm of the Iron Kingdoms RPG. I have now ordered myself a 1.5" squared battle mat - that's about 37mm for the unenlightened (and 40mm in plumbing terms for some reason), so I should be able to crowd in a decent number of medium based models (see: trollkin) without too much hassle. I just need to come up with a suitable system to use - I'd prefer 4e at the moment as it's relatively simple and supports the use of miniatures. I have also discovered I do my best writing when exhausted. My reporter's notepad is now filled with neat little handwriting that defies the fatigue I powered through at 3am this morning. And it's bloody amazing stuff that makes sense. I just need lots of pirates.

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