Thursday, 26 November 2009

Things to Note: Part 1

Things to Note in MKii and the Hordes Field Test:
A model that has been field promoted cannot make an attack in the turn it was promoted. (Hordes FT p.58/Prime MKii p.79)

Shake Effects is done after leeching but BEFORE a warbeast makes a frenzy check. (Hordes FT p.40-42)

A frenzying warbeast only makes a single attack with the highest POW weapon it possesses. Attack and damage rolls for this attack are boosted. (Hordes FT p.41)

A model that cannot be knocked down must forfeit either its movement or action only if it is thrown or slammed during your turn. Other knock down effects do not trigger this condition. (Hordes FT p.24-25 (Being Slammed/Being Thrown)/Prime MKii p.53-54 (Being Slammed/Being Thrown))

Throwing a model with a Double-Hand Throw and aiming at a target is a melee attack roll. Being on the receiving end of a thrown model is not counted as an attack against that model. (Hordes FT p.26/Prime MKii p.55)

Weapon locks are awesome.

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