Tuesday, 3 November 2009

In Absentia

Hmm, I was supposed to play Chris tonight but he didn't show up, which was nice of him. We were due to play a 35 point game of Warmachine MKii - pFeora vs pMagnus (and the Wall of Tough™). Oh well.

I've finally sat down and finished my Pyre Troll. Pictures should be up tomorrow. I'm not 100% happy with how the fists turned out and I may go back to redo the chains as a metal colour. I'm sure I'll spot other mistakes I want to change when I inspect the photos. Painting the Pyre Troll actually took a lot less time than I was expecting, I thought I'd do a quarter of his torso a day but I managed to do pretty much the whole thing in a day.

With the Pyre Troll out of the way, I just need to paint up the small army of Whelps that are besieging my painting table. Though doing up the minimum unit of Boomhowler & Co is extremely tempting... so is the Troll Axer... and the Earthborn... So much choice. I guess I'll alternate between Whelps and Trollkin Mercs just to keep some variety in my painting diet. The Wall of Tough™ feature prominently in my MKii Mercenary lists and I'd like to have them done so I can use them in both my armies.

There are yet more goodies that are appearing on the Privateer Press website; such wonders as the pNemo resculpt and the Cygnar Forces book. Go check them out and drool at the shining glory of new art.

Also if Martin or Gary (or anyone in their RPG group) read this, get in contact with me please.

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