Saturday, 21 November 2009

Privateer Press Newsletter

The first Privateer Press e-mail newsletter was sent out today, supposedly containing a preview of the cards for the Ghordson Basher as well as Dannon Blythe & Bull. I can tell you now the links for the Ghordson Basher do not work despite a Privateer Press update on twitter 8 hours ago. It's actually kind of annoying that the link is made of failcake (like sponge cake, only with more fail); I really want to know what the Basher does. The links for Blythe & Bull work fine however. New links are up and working now. Thank you to TTGN.

Ghordson Basher Front
Ghordson Basher Back

Dannon Blythe & Bull do seem rather feeble at first glance, but once you start factoring in their Huntman bonuses they definitely get more impressive. They're a small unit that's designed to go hunt down other small units or solos. People will have to remember Huntsman is on Blythe, so if she dies Bull can't change his Prey even after it's been killed. Take Down looks interesting but I don't see it coming up very often unless they're being used against Trollbloods or an army with large amounts of Tough inducing support. The two of them have a very odd symbiosis: Blythe selects the target, Bull brings the pain to that target. If it's not their Prey then they're not too impressive. Target selection will be rather important with these two.

Dannon Blythe & Bull Front
Dannon Blythe & Bull Back

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