Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Rampage '09 Results

Behold, the sacred results of the Summer Rampage. For those who did not know, Summer Rampage determined the order the Forces books would be released - this includes Hordes factions. Unfortunately Mercenaries finished last amongst the Warmachine factions, so one part of my army will have to wait (at least until I buy the cards), but the Trollbloods pulled through nicely in the end, coming a close second to Skorne.

Once again no games for me tonight, but I scheduled a game for next week against Martin, who plays Mercenaries. I'll have to pick up a new Ashlynn I think and get her painted up in a hurry - I stepped on my previous Ashlynn and the results weren't pretty. I've noticed the number of games I play has certainly gone down since becoming a Press Ganger, is this because of the impending MKii or is it some unbeknownst curse of being a PG? At least I get free posters.

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